we offer you Mercedes-Benz classics that were still advertised with the timeless slogan "your good star on all roads". Our focus is on the W124 series, particularly on the 400E/E420 and 500E/E500 models, W123, W140, W126, R129 and R107, but extraordinary modifications of renowned tuning companies will also follow. Furthermore, in our online store you will find spare and tuning parts for your darlings.


We import on our behalf, but readily also on yours, very well preserved exotics from the US (including California) and Switzerland; we take care of transport, customs clearance, conversion and homologation. You get the entire handling from a single source. Let's get nostalgic: In the manufacturing of the Mercedes Benz models built from the 1970s to the 90s, cost reduction, globalization and corporate mergers were not as important as they are today. The quality of the products, the timeless design and a love of extravagant but first and foremost reasonable detail solutions were primary points in the specifications.


Until the 1980s, nostalgia used to be seen as a disease, but this view has, fortunately, changed. There are good reasons to revel in memories, for this raises one's self-esteem, increases one's well-being and can strengthen relationships.


Thus, there is no need at all for us to be ashamed of enjoying the good old days in the here and now. We offer you the opportunity to buy very individual vehicles. Our aim in selecting the jewels is to make out exceptional color combinations or features and above-average conditions.